Music, Lyrics, and Book by
Paul N. Dion and MangoDog Music (ASCAP)
Allen M. Dion and Never Heard of Her Music (ASCAP)
Primary Contact: ALLEN M. DION
(978) 337-5902
All music performed on the Yamaha Genos Workstation by Paul N. Dion
with the exception of the cello on Proud to Stand Beside the Man played by Daniel Cubillan

Vocal Arrangements on Pascalina is a Very Nice Name, The Bolsheviks, The Arrangement, Never Heard of Her, The Moment, A Woman in the Conclave, The Debate, Shall I Cross the Bridge, Tunnel Them to Freedom, and What is a Nun by Mauro Elias.

Vocal Arrangements on Welcome to the Vatican, This Man's Church, The Debate, Being a Jew, The Innocence of Our Love, and Tisserant's Retribution by Tim Condor.

Vocal Arrangements on Good Catholic Man, Kesselring's Threat, Knowing the Good Sister, Million Dollar Deal, Pacelli's Address, Secretary of State, and The Silent Pope by Steven Myles.

Vocal Arrangements on Lapopessa and The Papal Keys by David Zeppieri

The talented singers of Lapopessa: Arianna Korona, Aurora Pinto, David Zeppleri, Elisa Mammoliti, Gabriela Noriega, Hannah Levin, Maelle River, Maria Mitic, Marian Risen, Mauro Elias, Steven Myles, and Tim Condor.

Many thanks to our family and friends who came together for read-throughs:
Irene Evory, Richard Barca, Sarah McMaster, Joseph Gillespie, Emiy Dion, and Jay Bried.

   Concept: Allen M. Dion
 Produced by: Paul N. Dion

Lapopessa Copyright © 2021 Paul N. Dion and Allen M. Dion
Arrangements and Post Production:
Paul N. Dion