Lapopessa is the semi-biographical re-imagining of a historical love story between a nun, Sister Pascalina, and a priest, Eugenio Pacelli, who becomes Pope Pius XII. In this version of history, Sister Pascalina was the most powerful woman in the Catholic church. She lived in the Papal apartments with Pope Pius, and their relationship spanned 40 years.

Our story's Sister Pascalina was intrigued by Eugenio Pacelli, and she dedicated her life to ensuring their position on the world's political stage by tirelessly supporting and promoting him to become the pope.

During Pascalina's twenty years in the Vatican, she had to endure much criticism and mockery of the title Lapopessa, which means female Pope in Italian. The title was given to her by the powerful, disapproving, and misogynist male hierarchy of the Vatican. Despite their interference, Pascalina often advised the pope and affected his decisions regarding church policy and world politics. She implemented significant relief efforts to help millions of Jews escape the Nazi atrocities of the war years.

This musical presents a unique love story between unlikely partners in unusual circumstances. The sociological and religious constructs of the times made it difficult for Pascalina to advance and realize her potential. Yet, she ascended to be a player on the world stage through hard work, intelligence, and sheer determination.Lapopessa, the musical, provides a traditional musical theater experience. It uses music to tell stories of love, misogyny, and overcoming adversity.

Although the priests of the Vatican may have sung about "never having heard of her," Lapopessa will fill your heart with inspiration and admiration. In the end, Lapopessa the Musical celebrates the life of a strong, determined woman who was instrumental in making Eugenio Pacelli Pope Pius XII.

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