Allen Dion hails from NYC and has had a life-long affifinty
with musical theater. he has been composing musical theater
since the 1970's and has had musical productions play
off-broadway in NYC (Father, Father - Homeseekers)..

He has a wide range of musical tastes and enjoys singing
Sinatra and Streisand-styled songs as well as popular
music favorites.

Allen's newest musical, LaPopessa, is the story of a
Roman Catholic nun named Sister Pascalina. She is
portrayed as a powerful woman with great influence
with Pope Pius XII  despite the patriarchal society that
is firmly entrenched within the Vatican's all-male hierarchy.

When Allen is not singing, or tweaking a song or script,
he is the Director of Operations of Innovative Incentives, Inc.,
an incentive travel company he co-founded in the year 2000.

To relax, he enjoys novels, select TV shows, and caring for
the animnals on his hobby farm in rural central Massachusetts.

Meet the Composer
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